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Handheld Camera

With over 10 years of video editing experience and having worked on diverse projects ranging from historical documentaries with the New York Women's Bar Association to editing film trailers, my skills extend across various genres. My passion for storytelling is evident in my award-winning documentary, "Life Through a Lens," which won the Best Short Documentary title at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival in 2016 and was screened at film festivals world wide.


Innovating Forward

I was provided with 10 hours of Zoom footage and asked to make a complete video to show investors. By adding additional footage and special effects I created this video.


After being shown to investors it resulted in them giving the non-profit an additional 1 million dollars to continue their work


"Life Through a Lens" Trailer

A film trailer edited for short documentary

"Life Through a Lens"


"REUNION" trailer

A trailer edited for short film "REUNION"


"Life Through a Lens" TEASER

A teaser edited for short documentary

"Life Through a Lens"

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