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Our Town  off-broadway, directed by David Cromer

Michael Shannon, Jennifer Grace, Ronete Levenson and Lori Meyers in "Our Town" as The Barrow Street Theater.

- THE NEW YORKER for "Our Town" at Barrow Street Theatre

Lascivious Something Off-Broadway, directed by Daniella Topol

"Ronete Levenson as Boy is perhaps the most lascivious thing in Lascivious Something...She is the embodiment of unbridled passion, her looks, her body language her speech (all in Greek) evoke the reckless impulsiveness of youth." - MDRansom for "Lascivious Something" 

"Levenson is outstanding in this bit, nailing Callaghan's clever use of stream-of-consciousness."

- That Sounds Cool for "Lascivious Something"

Circle Mirror Transformation Cincinnati Playhouse, Directed by Wendy Goldberg


"You wouldn't guess it at the outset, but at some point Ronete Levenson's Lauren becomes the most compelling character in the show. Levenson creates a kid who is so out of place that you wonder if some oddball court order has placed her there. But Lauren grows, if only in the tiniest and most incremental ways, in a word spoken more surely, in a way of walking across the room. It really is a lovely and inspiring performance, right through to the show's curious, but fitting final scene.  - Cincinnati Enquirer for "Circle Mirror Transformation"


"I especially enjoyed the work of Booker and Levenson, though you’d be hard pressed to find a weak link in this ensemble."  - The Sappy Critic for "Circle Mirror Transformation"

Bus Stop  Huntington Theater, Directed by Nicholas Martin

"Elma Duckworth is the personification of the sweetness and innocence inherent in Inge's story and Ronete Levenson nails the part. She portrays the youthful curiosity, the goodness, and the total lack of cynicism appropriate for the unworldly high school girl. Even when she is exposed to a few of the adult foibles flying around her, Levenson's Elma thoughtfully receives and processes the information and responds with grace and maturity. Like her seniors, she figures out that love may come in an unexpected package, but is still to be valued, perhaps above all."

- Boadway World for "Bus Stop"

"And then there’s the adorable Ronete Levenson as the naively exuberant Elma, who steals the show as a latter day Juliet in a sides-splittingly funny re-enactment of Shakespeare’s balcony scene."

- for "Bus Stop"Joyces Choices 

 "Levenson is terrific as the teenaged Jean, whose Lolita-like qualities cause Steve (a dynamic Maffia) to lose his head in a great comic relief scene which has the buff actor doing pushups in a very compromising position."

- Stage Scene LA for "August Osage County" 

"Jesse J. Perez and Ronete Levenson are also outstanding in many roles."

- San Francisco Chronicle for "Argonautika"

"Jesse J. Perez and Ronete Levenson are marvelous in many roles." 

- Talkin' Broadway for "Argonautika"

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