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December 31, 2017

Orlando Film Festival 

My documentary, "Life Through a Lens" has been accepted into the Orlando Film Festival.


This is the story of Hollywood photographer, Robert Zuckerman, whose life gets turned upside down after he is diagnosed with a rare, debilitating genetic disease, generally referred to by its initials, APBD. The challenges Robert has faced, and continues to face each day, would have been insurmountable for most. But not Robert.

April 07, 2017

RECENT ALIEN ABDUCTIONS in the 2017 Humana Theater Festival BROADWAY WORLD Review:

by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas

directed by Les Waters

March 17 – April 9, 2017


"There is a long scene between Néstor and Patria (Ronete Levenson) that is executed perfectly...I believe it's worth mentioning here as something that is both impressive about their performances and as a warning for those audience members who might be triggered by watching it."

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